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At first glance my artistic styles vary. Look up close and you will come to focus, on an eye, an expression, a feeling, or something deeper within.  Working between photorealistic portrait painting and mindful meditational art keeps me balanced, there are moments where I let go in a work of art and then come back to center with new focus and detail.  It is a therapy in and of itself. No matter what style I am working in there is a moment of being in the FLOW, when the mind is free and magical things happen.    


A teacher in many ways...Formally educated, certified, and served as High School Art Teacher for 15 years. I've lead library workshops, Higher Education courses, and at home art classes for 4 decades. I consider myself both student and teacher in the course of life, and love sharing my knowledge, experience and passions for living fully with purpose.



Residing on the North Fork of Long Island, my days include; being mom, meditation, teaching art and spiritual guidance, caring for horses and horseback riding, equine massage, yoga, energy healing & reiki, working with essential oils, reading, hiking, decorating & organizing, and floral design. Wow!, seems like a lot... but it's what i do. Creating balance, being peaceful, grateful, and in harmony, has become my center, my attention and my intention, it all comes together in the art! 

Thank you for being here!


- Julie

Julie is a truly gifted artist whose skilled work adorns my home in a number of forms - A painting of my beloved horse, Christopher; a Christmas ornament of my handsome Baxter and endless photos of four horses and four donkeys in many equestrian events. Her ability to capture in exacting detail each horse's unique characteristics is extra ordinary. She has preserved for me joyous life experiences and I look forward to more special, heartfelt moments that we will enjoy in future. - Cathy Springer

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