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Fine art prints of original hand-painted photographs. “Kaleidoscopes”, a happy mistake of capturing fleeting luminous geometrics, as seen within a kaleidoscope, and through a camera lens. Fascinated with the surprise of being able to reproduce these infinite illusions led to hundreds of photographs. Once printed, the images were painted to enhance with emphasis the repetitions within.

The focus of patterns and repetitions found within sacred geometries are well known throughout the world to create visual illusions that allow the mind to center and bring the viewer into a meditative space. A space of peace, calm and well-being, a space to think for one-self.

This original series of work became the basis for the next series called “Mandalas”.


  • • Image size: choose 5x5, 8x8, 12x12 inches, plus thin border

    • Materials: Archival and fade-resistant Fine Art paper & pigments.

    • Shipping: Packaged neatly and carefully, to ensure safe shipping, and mailed within 3 business days.

    For inquiries on original pieces or custom sizing, framing, or prints on other surfaces please get in touch @ and I'll do everything possible to meet your needs.

    Thank you for looking.

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