• Iris flower represents faith and hope for a better tomorrow. This flower was gifted to the ones who needed to be uplifted and reminded that there is a lot of good in this world, but we have to be persistent in finding it. Another meaning of the Iris flower is wisdom, eternal knowledge and desire to always learn more and to have an inquisitive nature in life. The Iris flower can be a perfect gift for your friend or family member who needs support and love right now. Iris flower represents royalty and nobility. This flower was considered to be a symbol of kings and royal families for hundreds of years, which are why this meaning remained one of the first association’s people, have with the Iris flower.


    • • Prints of original artworks are unframed: 9x15 inch plus thin border     ready to be matted and framed.

      • Materials: Archival and fade-resistant Fine Art paper & pigments

      • Shipping: Packaged neatly and carefully, to ensure safe shipping,        and mailed within 3 business days.

      For inquiries on original pieces or custom sizing, framing, or prints on other surfaces please get in touch @ and I'll do everything possible to meet your needs.

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